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Our Business Listing plan helps small business owners with creating a better online presence for their company, feature products and services, offer coupons and deals, and promote them on social media.

4 category listings

Your business will be listed in up to 5 categories. For example, a hair salon can be listed in the service category, beauty supply category, spa and salons category.

Connect to your social media platforms

Engage potential customers on both the UPD Platform and by connecting your listing to your social media platforms.

Feature coupons & deals in high traffic areas of the platform

Stand out by featuring your product or services at the top of your respective category. Create deals or coupons to attract more customers. Everyone loves a great deal!

Get promoted to the UPD Network

Take advantage of the UPD Network, we'll promote your product or service across all of our platforms. Gain credibility with brand association and our consistent advertising strategies, designed to support our minority owned small business network. 

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