Meet the Stirrup Sisters Creators of KAZMALEJE Hair Tools

Detangling thick curly, coily and wavy hair is one of the most dreaded tasks in natural hair care, there’s lots of pulling, tugging and not to mention the arm cramps! Although it can be time consuming and sometimes painful, detangling is essential to any textured hair care routine. Using the right hair products is only half the battle of detangling, using the right hair tools is just as important in the process.

Say ta-ta to tangles, fairy knots and excessive shedding with KAZMALEJE. KAZMALEJE (pronounced cosmology) is a new company bringing styling solutions for all curl-kind. Their Kurls+ DetanglersTM line was designed for your strands in mind! The Kurls+ DetanglersTM line includes a comb, paddle comb and pick that helps you detangle your hair with ease and achieve your desired look.

The seamless design of the comb and pick work to prevent hair from being pulled and snagged while detangling. The paddle comb features patent-pending, widely-spaced, conical-shaped teeth that mimics the shape of fingers and provides an easy, comfortable detangling experience.

Sisters & co-founders, LaToya, LaTasha and LaTrice Stirrup, created these innovative hair styling tools to help make the detangling process quicker and less damaging, all while bringing other naturals closer to achieving their hair goals.

Whether your hair is curly, coily or wavy KAZMALEJE has the solution for you!

For more information about KAZMALEJE and its products, visit

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