Meet Tina Burnside and Coventry Cowens, founders of Minnesota's First African American Museum

Photo credit: Leila Navidi/Star Tribune

It's official, The Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery is now open to the public in north Minneapolis. The museum is co-founded by civil rights attorney, Tina Burnside and writer/educator Coventry Cowens. The exhibits feature preserved documents, wardrobe, and informational panels highlighting the contributions of African Americans to the state of Minnesota.

The Minnesota African American Heritage Museum stands four stories high, offers free admission and is run exclusively with volunteer support.

It took almost 30 years to garner the support needed to open Minnesota's first and only African American Museum and we congratulate Tina Burnside and Coventry Cowens on their perseverance in seeing this amazing project through to opening day.

So, if you're ever in Minneapolis, Minnesota, be sure to stop by The Minnesota African American Heritage Museum.

Go to to learn more about visiting and/or donating to Minnesota’s first and only African American Heritage Museum. 


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