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Boost your business sales and exposure for Valentine's Day

Expose your business to thousands of people during the Valentine's Day season. Increase sales and reservations while people  are ready to buy.

Our Valentines Day Retail Promotion is designed to expose your business to thousands of people looking for gift ideas and Valentine's Day date night or weekend ideas to celebrate that special someone.

Get promoted to the UPD Network, within the Urban Pulse Direct Magazine, and our Social Media Platforms.

We'll help you drive sales!

4 category listings

Your business will be listed in up to 4 categories. For example, a hair salon can be listed in the service category, beauty supply category, spa and salons category.

Connect to your social media platforms

Engage potential customers on both the UPD Platform and by connecting your listing to your social media platforms.

You'll receive up to 10 social media shout outs!

Feature deals in high traffic areas of the platform

Attract new customers by featuring your product or service at the top of the page for your respective category. Create a special holiday offer to draw them in.

Get promoted to the UPD Network

Take advantage of the UPD Network and reach up to 50,000 people. We'll promote your product or service across all of our platforms. Plus get an Ad featured in the Urban Pulse Direct Magazine. 

Get started today and boost your sales for Valentine's Day.